The Pay-Per-Click Strategy That Works


Here’s a PPC keyword strategy you might want to consider:

Phase I

Use highly relevant keyword phrases of at least 2 words. Try to find as many as possible. The limitation here is that you will not be able to find them or get enough clicks on the ones you do find. In some industries these keywords will be sufficient to make your campaign successful and you will go no further. This is where most people have a problem, they are cannot find enough keywords and people are not finding your site. This is the biggest wall to overcome.

Phase II

If you are not getting enough clicks or would like to scale your activity, find more generic keywords – for example, “music” or “cd”. Make sure your Title & Description are very specific to what you provide to limit the non-qualified clicks.

Manage your bids carefully with generic keywords – you don’t need to be number one, just try to stay above your competitors. In many cases you can command a very good position for a minimal cost.

Phase III

Run your campaign for one month and analyze every click, inquiry, sale and build your statistics: cost per click, cost per inquiry, number of inquiries to get a sale, number of clicks to get a sale. After this analysis you’ll have a good idea of your acquisition costs and if using PPC makes sense for you. (segue)

By Neal Lebar

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