Tracking and Targeting Online Ads in 2002


According to DoubleClick’s 2002 Ad Serving Trend report, online advertisements using view-through tracking tools experienced a rise of 47% in view-through rates between Q1 and Q4. View-through refers to advertising viewers who take action within one month of viewing an ad, but do not click-through on that ad.

DoubleClick bases its 2002 report on 630 billion ads, representing thousands of DoubleClick customers using DART for Advertisers or DART for Publishers tracking technology. The report also presents data on the types of targeting used by online advertisers and notes that 81% of the ads using targeting technology in Q4 2002 were targeting viewers by keyword or content. DoubleClick mentions that of all the ads served in 2002, 40% were using keyword targeting.

Targeting the right people is the paramount quality of a successful marketing campaign, and the internet makes is increasingly easier and cheaper to target the proper audience. Forrester Research and the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) determined in September 2002 that 85% of marketers find technology helpful when targeting high-potential customers.

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