Online Ad Spending in Germany


Telecom.paper reports on 21 January 2003 that according to Nielsen Media, online advertising in Germany grew by 20.9% in 2002 over 2001 totaling EUR 255.9 million. Nielsne bases its findings on the results from 20 ad agencies in the country, which collectively represent between 70% and 80% of the total online ad market.

Nielsen finds that the sectors spending the most for online ads in 2002 were:

  • the service sector, spending EUR 53 million (up 87.3% in 2002)
  • training and media companies, spending EUR 39 million (up 26.8%)
  • trade and logistics sector, spending EUR 33 million (up 48.2%)
  • financial services, spending (up 75.7%)
  • telecommunications, spending EUR 22.5 million (up 7.2%)

However Nielsen notes that online advertisements represented just 1.5% of total ad budgets in Germany in 2002.

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