Google Expands Contextual Ad Placement Program To Small Sites

18/06/2003Google has expanded its contextual ads program to allow many more content sites to carry its paid listings. The new Google AdSense program allows site owners to sign-up for the program in a self-serve manner, similar to becoming anAmazon affiliate

Google’s contextual ads program, Google Content-Targeted Advertising, was officially launched in March. In the program, Google negotiated deals with large web sites to integrate its paid listings into their web pages. Smaller web sites were not able to take part.

“When we rolled out content ads a couple months ago, we had set a threshold of 20 million page views per month for web sites we’d consider for the current program,” said Susan Wojcicki, director of product management for Google’s ad syndication programs. “We found there are huge number of very high quality web sites that did not meet that threshold.”

The new AdSense program corrects this. It allows any site to apply, even those with only a few thousand page views per month.

“We built an online automated way for web sites to come to Google, sign-up and apply to be accepted into our network,” Wojcicki said. “This program will be a way for web sites to earn money by putting ads on their pages.”

Those accepted into the program simply insert some short JavaScript code into their web pages. In response, Google will deliver a banner or skyscraper-sized ad module filled containing paid listings.

While the program opens the doors to many more sites than before, not all will be accepted. Google will review the sites to ensure that they meet certain program policies. Among those not eligible are sites that include content about drugs, pornography or gambling.

By Danny Sullivan

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