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There are many types of affordable advertising and website promotion services that you can find at auctions. Some of the services include banner advertising, pay-per-click (PPC) search engine advertising, guaranteed website visitors, guaranteed signups for your program, search engine submission services, search engine optimization, domain names, and even entire websites. I’ll briefly talk about the three most common forms of advertising available at auctions.

1. Banner Advertising.
When purchasing banner impressions, make sure you know if your banner will be the only one on a page then check that page to make sure it is compatible with what your website is all about. If your banner will be displayed as one of many within a rotation, make sure you ask the seller for additional details about his business such as the average number of visitors to that site. It’s best to purchase banner advertising on a website that is within your targeted audience.

2. Pay-per-click search engine advertising.
There are many new PPC search engines out there and many use auctions to get you to use their service. It’s common to find $100,000 worth of PPC advertising for auction. Sometimes, you can get these auctions for $10! Is it worth it? You bet. All that exposure on a new website for only $10 is a deal that cannot be beaten. You can list over 100 terms for your website and easily get your website seen by a targeted audience. The only drawback is the reality that many of these search engines will not be around for more than a year or two.

3. Guaranteed website visitors.
This form of advertising takes many forms and you need to make sure that you understand the sellers terms before you place your bid. It is common to find auctions promising 1000 to one million guaranteed visitors to your website. How? Well, some auctions are using webpage exchanges or autosurf programs to deliver visitors. These programs do deliver people to your site and your site will be seen, but the actual number of people that spend a significant amount of time on your site is uncertain. Again, if you can get 10,000 visitors to your site for under $10, it’s probably worth it simply to get some exposure for your website.

About the Author:
Dr. LaBuda is owner and operator of MagicEbid, a webmaster resource center and advertising auction and Whybidmore Collectible Auction,

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